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Message from our CEO

Experience and Commitment

"We aim to give our clients peace of mind, of entrusting the management, whether total or partial, of their assets, to a team of dedicated professionals and advisors with extensive experience."

Concepción Avilés

CEO | Aurora Multi Family Office


We understand that every family is unique and that managing the complexity of large family assets can be overwhelming. At Aurora Multi Family Office we offer a centralized solution for the management of financial and non-financial assets.

Our team always prioritizes delivering appropriate solutions to the needs of each client. We provide services with a personalized approach, getting to know each of our clients and offering the flexibility and dedication to address the different concerns, objectives and particularities of the family. 

Our clients are aware of the importance of managing the total wealth, without considering only an optimal financial management. They recognize how crucial it is to contemplate other fundamental aspects such as legal and tax services, the proper management of other non-financial assets, as well as the use of a governance system that enables mechanisms for efficient decision-making in the family nucleus. 

Undoubtedly, our purpose with each client is to become their trusted advisors, providing them with a single point of contact, a holistic management of family wealth. We aim to give our clients peace of mind, of entrusting the management, whether total or partial, of their assets, to a team of dedicated professionals and advisors with extensive experience.

Thank you for making us part of the family and allowing us to walk together in the process of building a family legacy that will transcend generations.

Executive Partners

Sergi Lucas Fernandez

Executive Partner

Prominent banker and wealth advisor with more than 20 years of experience advising high-net-worth individuals and families.

He has held general manager positions in various financial institutions and is currently president of the Panamanian Capital Markets Association (APAMEC), contributing to the development and strengthening of the markets.


Roberto Brenes Pérez

Executive Partner

Experienced investment banker with more than 45 years of experience in the securities and banking industry, standing out as general manager of the Panama Stock Exchange for more than 12 years. 

He holds an MBA from Columbia University and is recognized for his skill in asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advice.

Concepción Avilés

General manager

Professional with years of experience in Asset Management for mainly European and Latin American clients. With knowledge in the development of family offices from her position as financial director in a Single Family Office.

She performed functions as a financial consultant for important banking entities in Spain.


External Advisors

José Antonio Monreal

Director of Legal and Tax Affairs

Economist, lawyer and auditor. Partner of MONTREAL & PARTNERS SRL. Regulatory and legal advisor to European and international banking entities. External consultant to the IMF, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the World Bank.

He collaborated for more than 10 years at the Bank of Spain, European Central Bank and executive coordinator of the XIII ICBS, organized by the Basel Committee and the Bank of Spain. 


Philippe Preite

External CIO

Specialist with 20 years of experience in international financial markets with knowledge of different asset classes.

Worked for different international banks on different continents; Europe (Switzerland), Asia (Singapore) and Latin America (Panama).

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