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About Us

Your strategic ally for the comprehensive management of your assets


Aurora Multi Family Office 

In a constantly changing world, it is essential to have a team of experts that provides you with the necessary support to efficiently manage your assets. Aurora Multi Family Office specializes in providing holistic advice focused on protecting your legacy and ensuring a sustainable growth of your wealth.

Our team offers high-value services designed to meet the individual and family needs. Our advice is distinguished by being professional, independent, and tailored to the specific goals and requirements of each client.

We focus on simplifying the administration of your wealth, guiding you in the creation of a family legacy designed to last through generations.

Welcome to Aurora Multi Family Office!

Our Value Proposition

Always committed to our customers


Family members delegate the management of their assets, either partly or in its entirety, to a team of professionals. 

Security and


We provide legal strategies and structures to help clients preserve their family assets, ensure proper succession between generations and protect the confidentiality of the beneficiaries.

Cost Effectiveness

We optimize our clients' investment strategies by providing independent advice and comprehensive risk management.


We save time and resources by having a single point of contact for global wealth management. Avoiding duplication of costs and reducing complexity in managing family assets.


We simplify our clients' interactions with their financial, legal and wealth service providers. All responsibilities are centralized and managed from the Multi Family Office.

Protection of your Interests

Our main priority is to protect the interests of our families from external parties. 

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