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Our Services

Tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of each client

Investment Advice

We provide independent wealth management services in two modalities: Investment Advisory and Discretionary Mandates. 

Asset Consolidation

A balance sheet is key to making informed wealth management decisions. 

Tax Planning

We offer tax advice intending to achieve tax efficiency within current legal regulations for our clients and their families. 

Family Governance

We provide guidance on family governance, a valuable tool to educate and encourage communication between family members. 

Legal Structures

A fundamental tool for protecting family assets in both the present and future succession situations. 

Real Estate Portfolio Management

We provide thorough analysis of our clients' real estate portfolio to optimize its composition.

Service Methodology

Client Discovery

In this first phase we gain a detailed understanding of the customer's needs and objectives, across different time horizons.

Asset Diagnosis

In this second phase, we will issue a unique and personalized diagnosis for each client, identifying the aspects that require attention and proposing solutions to achieve their objectives.

Action Plan

We design an action plan that will serve as a roadmap for the client to achieve their wealth objectives.

Follow-Up Meetings

We conduct meetings to follow-up on the progress of our services and/or identify new needs or changes in their financial objectives.

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